Welcome to Cos-a-Mia!

„Begin Your Adventure!“

That’s what kamuicosplay.com write on their website – and so it should be!

A few weeks ago I came across a Youtube post by the two by chance and was immediately thrilled by their cosplay ideas. So much so that they have infected me with it.

My name is Alex. I live in Düsseldorf, the city of Japan Day and Dokomi.

So far, I have little to do with cosplay, except perhaps a certain sympathy for Japanese pop culture. In my childhood and early youth, I grew up in Italy with anime and was very enthusiastic about it. This enthusiasm accompanies me until today.

At the same time, I have always loved to tinker and build.

I first got in touch with cosplay in the early 2000s when I tailored a Darth Maul costume and even won first place in a competition. After that, however, this hobby has fallen into oblivion.

Now, with the new inspiration, there is a good opportunity to build on this.

I’m glad you’re joining me on this adventure!