The adventure begins!

My first cosplay was supposed to be something completely different. But the dimensions – for a first work – have frightened me quite. That’s why I decided to first try my hand at something smaller: a prop.

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Being an undying fan of the TV show Farscape and especially of the main character John Crichton – embodied by Ben Browder – I decided to build his Winona. Winona is a Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol and looks quite beefy and heavy. I am an absolute pacifist and abhor any kind of weapons and violence, so of course I wonder if the fiction justifies this sympathy… but this is getting too philosophical now.

The idea was immediately followed by planning: what material and tools do I need? I already have some things in stock for tinkering, but there were still some things missing. I had lent out my professional airbrush compressor sometime in the 1990s and never saw it again. So I first had to stock up on materials and equipment.

At the same time, I went searching for templates on the net. This was not so easy with the Pulse Pistol, since Farscape was rather a niche series with a hard fan core. I finally found what I was looking for on a 3D printing portal and found very good views of all sides, which I was able to use to make the blueprints. I’ll definitely post a making-of video online as well when I’m done with the project.

The individual steps and my thoughts for the implementation can be found in the following reports.
Stay tuned!

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